FBI application by Edward Clinton

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Height: 183 cm
Weight: 83 kg
Hair Color: 
Eyes color: Brown
Gender: Male
Phone Number: 13492
Age(Must Be 21 or higher): 23
Do you have a valid Drivers License: Yes.
Do you have a Gun License: Yes.
Do you have a Pilot License: Yes.
Do you have a Boating License:
Do you have a Taxi License(Not Required): No.
Date Of Birth: April 7 , 1997
Are you a citizen of San Andreas or you have moved here: I'm a citizen of San Andreas.
Are you abble to speak fluid english: Indeed.
Have you been Arrested or held in custody the last 60 Days: No.
Have you ever been pulled over or recived a ticket: No, never.
Have you ever been in a Gang or Familly: No.
Why should we hire you from any other applicant(100 words minimum): I believe that  my experience with law ,  specifically in the crime space, make me the best match for this position. In my previous job, I was High Standards and responsibility worker. I'm a clever person, which will be loyal to the job, and will work with professionalism. I'm a brave person who takes risks. I'll obey to all the orders I get and I'm audacious, These Properties and strengths, make me  a man which even the director can trust me with closed eyes.
What asset would you bring to the FBI(50 words minimum):  I will bring my unique visioning ability to your company. I am experienced in many areas related to this company’s current goals. I can bring assets, suck as Creative thinking, Shooting skills, Brave, responsibility and  more assets.
Biography(200 words minimum): My full name is Daniel Clinton, I have been borned into a poor family, I learned by myself, I didn't go to school till I was 10 years old, the first day in the school was very weird, I didn't know how behave. Time passed, and I'm in grade 8, I've grown accustomed, My father found a job with a nice payment, that time i thought my life started from a new paper. When I had my 15 years birthday I immediately search for a job, I knew I had to provide my famiy with cash. My dream was to do something important in army, in the army I was a loyal, respectful man. After hard weeks of working in the army I was a Captain. After the army I was working in the San-Andreas news, I was working very hard, 10-11 hours in a day, I left it because I wanted to change something in my life, so here I'm writing an application for the FBI.

signature: Clinton
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