Hashaam's LSPD Application.

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Section 1 - Personal Information
1.0 - First Name:Hashaam
1.1 - Last Name:Mumtaz
1.2 - Gender:Male
1.3 - Date Of Birth ( dd.mm.yy):17.8.1999
1.4 - Age:20
1.5 - Address:Richman,Los Santos 

1.6 - Contact Number:My sim card has been lost (Its a gltich that i cant enter the store to buy cellphone)
1.7 - E-mail address:hashaammumtaz@gmail.com

1.8 - Are you able to legally work in the United States?:

1.9 - Do you hold a United States Citizenship?:
1.10 - Do you have any pervious/recent criminal convictions?:X
1.11 - Licenses Obtained:

INSERT - [X/✓]
INSERT - [X/✓]
INSERT - [X/✓]
INSERT - [X/✓]

Section 2 - Serial Questions

1.12- Why Do You Wish to Join the Los Santos Police Department?(min. 200 words):
My father always told me to work for the right of people and i think lspd is the best thing for me right now i waited my whole life to sacrifice it for the people of los santos as they live in fear because of the mafia,gangs and other criminals i want to catch them and put them in jail so the people there.I saw many heroes in LSPD who sacrificed their lives for the greater will of the state San Andreas i also want my name to be displayed with those heroes.

1.13 - How would you describe yourself as a person?:I am an honest,hardworking and a good citizen i like to help people i want to serve los santos as a police man.

1.14 - Tell us the responsibilities of a Los Santos Police Officer:
Responsibilities of a police officer are varied, and may differ greatly from within one political context to another. Typical duties relate to keeping the peace, law enforcement, protection of people and property and the investigation of crimes
1.15 - Why should we choose you over other applicants?:I posses basic knowledge within the law and order of the Lspd.I studied law for 10 years so choosing me would be a better choice.

1.16 - Do you Believe you're both mentally and physically fit to work in the Los Santos Police Department?:Yes i am both physically and mentally fit to work in Los Santos Police Department.

Section 3 - OOC Information

1.17 - Name:Hashaam Mumtaz
1.18 - Age:17
1.20 - NationalityTongueakistani
1.21 - Timezone:Gmt +5
1.22 - Languages Spoken:Urdu and English
1.23 - A picture Of your (/stats):Stats pic
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Mr Hashaam Mumtaz

Thank you for showing your interest in joining the Los Santos Police Department.

We are responding in regards to your submitted application for the Los Santos Police Department.
We have reviewed your application and have come to the decision to ACCEPT it.
You must now report to the ''Los Santos Police Department HQ ' 'in order to attend an interview.
Closed due player response.
+1 for you i see a officer on you good luck
Because no response from you about that.


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