From The Gang Rule's.....

Gang Vandalization
This rule is a widely board rule that can apply to multiple different scenarios. Leaders are always expected to act in the best interests of their gang. Examples of this rule includes but not limited to:
• Mass recruitment
• Mass purging/ uninviting of members

Prison (60-240 minutes) + Leadership Ban

Turf War Rules

Both faction members and gang members must abide by the following regulations:
• You should not attend if you have high ping or high packet loss
• You can't drive-by in an ACTIVE turf area
• Faction/ gang members can only start shooting 15 minutes before the turf
• Gangs cannot ally with factions or other gangs outside their official alliance list
• Factions cannot ally or take help from any gang during a turf
• You must wear your faction or gang skin to attend
• You can snipe into the turf boundaries as long as you have members inside

Removal from faction/ gang and/or Prison (60-120 minutes)
Civilians (not a gang/faction member) cannot participate in turfs
Only faction and gang members are allowed to participate in active turf wars.
Prison (60-120 minutes) and/or Account Warn
Gangs and factions cannot attend a turf without the intent to capture the turf
Gang members can only attend a turf if the gang has a rank 5 or above actively online in-game and is attending the turf. On the other hand, faction members can only attend a turf if they have a rank 4 or above actively online in-game and attending the turf.
Removal from faction/ gang and/or Prison (60-120 minutes)
Gangs and factions must be in their respective clothes with badges or bandanas displayed
Gangs/ factions cannot participate in turf wars if they are not wearing official clothes or bandana/ badge. All gang and faction members must be wearing their team's clothing and have their bandana (via /bandana) or badge (via /badge) shown at all times during the turf war.
Prison (20-60 minutes) and/or Account Warn
I just want to suggest, i am new here btw, i want you to fix all gang leader because half of your gang list owned by coay richardson, thats why many people can't take a family because coay richardson have a many gang and many people can't handle it, can you fix it so many people wants to create a gang can own?
another suggestion please,, i want to talk wid gang moderator because fablo wise did ballas get disbanned for capping 2 or more caps, i want to suggest thats allowed you can cap all points because its war.
First of ally Danny Box, The gangs got handled by Coay Richardson.

We will fix that issue tommorow.

-Cjay Chives (HA + Assistant Gang Moderator)
Good work.

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